Why have a CCTV Improvement Week?

Whilst the 'TRUSTED' Project is about taking practical steps to improve the operational effectiveness of CCTV systems used for safety and security purposes, there is currently no established mechanism to help encourage operators to evaluate and where necessary improve, their existing use of video surveillance.

National CCTV Improvement Week will hopefully focus attention on the vital need to continually assess and improve the effectiveness of existing security camera systems, and provide users with a range of information necessary to help identify key operational issues that can be readily improved.

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Industry Supporters - CCTV Installers & Maintenance Companies

The following companies presently involved in either installing or maintaining video surveillance systems here in the UK, have expressed a desire to be associated with the vital objectives of NCIW 2012, namely to help improve the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of current CCTV operations, and to ensure that they are operated with all due regard to privacy and civil liberty concerns.


ClearView Communications - Chelmsford, Essex



Awaiting further updates



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The TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project announced the launch of the world's first Operational Standards for CCTV, on 5th April 2015

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What is the TRUSTED Project?

Originally launched back in 2007, the concept of significantly improving the performance and usefullness of video surveillance systems, is based squarely on the idea of achieving "Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection", or "TRUSTED" for short.

The latest stages of the project are intended to address a number of everyday operational issues, which are considered to be in urgent need of redress.

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NCIW 2012 Sponsors

PLEASE NOTE:- Those "Supporters" listed above have indicated that they wish to be associated with and support the objectives of the National CCTV Improvement Week 2012 (NCIW 2012). Their approval for the project should not be taken as an implied assurance of their expertise or abilities in relation to providing specific CCTV services. Whilst NCIW 2012 and it's sponsors are satisfied that the businesses or individuals listed above appear both professional and committed to their work within the CCTV and Security Industries, NCIW 2012 as an independent project is not in any position to recommend or endorse any individual business, product or service.

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