Why have a CCTV Improvement Week?

Whilst the 'TRUSTED' Project is about taking practical steps to improve the operational effectiveness of CCTV systems used for safety and security purposes, there is currently no established mechanism to help encourage operators to evaluate and where necessary improve, their existing use of video surveillance.

National CCTV Improvement Week will hopefully focus attention on the vital need to continually assess and improve the effectiveness of existing security camera systems, and provide users with a range of information necessary to help identify key operational issues that can be readily improved.

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Introducing the UK's inaugural "National CCTV Improvement Week 2012"

As we count down towards the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics 2012, here in the UK the need for raising the effectiveness of existing security infrastructure has never been greater.

In line with the objectives of the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project, a "National CCTV Improvement Week" is set to help determine and redress many everyday security camera concerns, experienced by a wide range of CCTV Users and Operators.

The event's brief Mission Statement is ....

"To encourage a broad range of CCTV System Operators to test and review their current security camera installations, in order to identify and where necessary correct any existing fundamental technical or operational issues that may be present".

The Target Audience is ....

Any individual or organisation currently using CCTV to enhance both security and public safety.

The Basic Objectives are ....

To encourage operators to audit, test and review individual security cameras, so as to identify technical and operational issues that may at present compromise or devalue their effective application.

Likewise to evaluate all monitoring and recording systems to determine their suitability and effectiveness for purpose, and to determine whether best practice is being adopted with regard to privacy considerations.

During the UK's first "National CCTV Improvement Week 2012", CCTV System Operators will be encouraged to carry out a review of their existing video surveillance infrastructure at any one of three distinct levels, depending on their specific individual requirements ....

• A Basic Operator review based on the "CCTV Users 10 Point Improvement Plan"

• A more detailed Operator evaluation, using various workbook tools and benchmarks*
to gauge their existing systems effectiveness

• An independent assessment carried out by a suitably experienced individual or practice
( e.g. a CCTV consultant or installation company ).


* A range of evaluation materials and information releases designed to assist CCTV Users in carrying out a "health check" on their systems, will be made available to download towards the end of April 2012.


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If you'd like to be kept informed of progress both with the NCIW 2012 event itself, and also the various CCTV evaluation documents as they become available, please send an email request for "News Updates" to the following address .... nciw[at]

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The TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project announced the launch of the world's first Operational Standards for CCTV, on 5th April 2015

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What is the TRUSTED Project?

Originally launched back in 2007, the concept of significantly improving the performance and usefullness of video surveillance systems, is based squarely on the idea of achieving "Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection", or "TRUSTED" for short.

The latest stages of the project are intended to address a number of everyday operational issues, which are considered to be in urgent need of redress.

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