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Latest News:-

The introduction of
TRUSTED Manufacturers Product Compliance Marks, and TRUSTED CCTV Operation Marks (example right) & Notification Signage, are currently undergoing a comprehensive review, and are expected to be formally announced shortly.

Initial feedback from industry experts has been unswervingly positive, with significant interest being generated in what is undoubtedly going to become the most important phases of this unique CCTV Improvement Project.

Full details of the work in progress is available here

The TRUSTED Project's first UK "National CCTV Improvement Week" will take place from the 6th - 12th May 2012

This dedicated TRUSTED website is currently under development, and should be fully functional early in 2012.


Latest News from the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project

April 5th 2015 London U.K. - Announcement of the official launch of the unique new TRUSTED CCTV ( Part2 ) Operational Standards for existing systems

April 15th 2015 London U.K. - TRUSTED CCTV's new online e-Store goes live, with Security Camera System Operational Standards available to purchase for the first time.

TRUSTED Documents and Publications:-

A number of TRUSTED documents are currently being independently reviewed, and as and when they become available for wider circulation, will be listed below.

Part 2 Operational Standards documents will be available from April 14th 2015, by visiting the TRUSTED CCTV e-Store

In addition, a range of support and guidance documents are currently being updated, and will also gradually be made available through the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Projects e-Store.


If you'd like further details on any aspect of the work in progress, please get in touch using the e-mail address detailed below.

A brief PDF presentation on the TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards - Part 2 for existing systems

The unique TRUSTED CCTV "TCIP CCTV Privacy Scale"


If you have any comments or suggestions about the project; would like to become a TRUSTED Supporter or Sponsor, or simply want to find out more information on current and future developments, please send an e-mail to:- info[at]

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What is the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project?

Well, it was originally launched back in 2007, with the simple idea of assisting CCTV Users and Operators to improve their Security Camera System's performance; the work being based squarely on the concept of helping them to achieve .....

"Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology
for Evidence and Detection"


Latest News from the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project

April 5th 2015 London U.K. - Announcement of the release of TRUSTED CCTV ( Part 2 ) Operational Standards for existing systems

November 17th 2016 London U.K. - TRUSTED CCTV's updated Operational Standards v.2.1.2 now completed, due to launch January 2017