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The introduction of
TRUSTED Manufacturers Product Compliance Marks, and TRUSTED CCTV Operation Marks (example right) & Notification Signage, are currently undergoing a comprehensive review, and are expected to be formally announced shortly.

Initial feedback from industry experts has been unswervingly positive, with significant interest being generated in what is undoubtedly going to become the most important phases of this unique CCTV Improvement Project.

Full details of the work in progress is available here

The TRUSTED Project's first UK "National CCTV Improvement Week" will take place from the 6th - 12th May 2012

This dedicated TRUSTED website is currently under development, and should be fully functional early in 2012.


Latest News from the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project

April 5th 2015 London U.K. - Announcement of the official launch of the unique new TRUSTED CCTV ( Part2 ) Operational Standards for existing systems

April 15th 2015 London U.K. - TRUSTED CCTV's new online e-Store goes live, with Security Camera System Operational Standards available to purchase for the first time.

A basic '10 Point Plan' for evaluating existing CCTV System operations 

All CCTV Users and Operators are encouraged to evaluate their existing systems using the following basic 10 Point Plan ....

  1)  Review the previous 12 months - specifically, carry out a Crime & Incident Audit and then compare it against any practical results.

  2)  Check CCTV camera locations and review specific areas covered, particularly in relation to the size of displayed 'targets'.

  3)  Evaluate the overall picture quality relative to it's intended purposes; particularly if needed to fulfil a Forensic Surveillance role.

  4)  Review the quality, suitability and effectiveness of all the system's existing monitoring, display and transmission equipment.

  5)  Test the video record quality of each camera, and determine it's effectiveness and suitability for possible evidential use.

  6)  Check and review all practical and technical procedures required to provide video recordings for evidential use.

  7)  Evaluate current CCTV system monitoring procedures and ongoing maintenance practices.

  8)  Review all aspects of Data Protection Compliance where applicable.

  9)  Evaluate the overall CCTV performance and operations, in relation to the requirements of any existing operators

10)  Produce an appropriate action plan for initiating improvements and adjustments, where considered necessary.

A more sophisticated approach can be adopted using the Part 2 Operational Standards documents available from the e-Store.


If you have any comments or suggestions about the project; would like to become a TRUSTED Supporter or Sponsor, or simply want to find out more information on current and future developments, please send an e-mail to:- info[at]

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What is the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project?

Well, it was originally launched back in 2007, with the simple idea of assisting CCTV Users and Operators to improve their Security Camera System's performance; the work being based squarely on the concept of helping them to achieve .....

"Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology
for Evidence and Detection"


Latest News from the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project

April 5th 2015 London U.K. - Announcement of the release of TRUSTED CCTV ( Part 2 ) Operational Standards for existing systems

November 17th 2016 London U.K. - TRUSTED CCTV's updated Operational Standards v.2.1.2 now completed, due to launch January 2017